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ARS Events Misting Fans are the leading supplier of Misting Fans. Applications for Misting Fans include outdoor cooling, backyard and patio cooling. We provide cooling for any of your outdoor events, with our Misting Tents, Mist fans and Portable Misting Systems. We provide outdoor cooling with many different misting products for your special event. Mist tents are great cooling devices to help prevent heat exhaustion at events held on hot days. 410-215-6507

Portable Misting Systems

ARS Events Misting System rentals include PGA Tournament Misting, Motor Sports Misting, Corporate ... High Pressure Misting Tent Rental. Our misting Tents & misting fans are economical and simply the best way to stay cool under the sun. Tent provides enjoyable shade while misting system cools the area.

Rent portable misters, misting fans, air conditioners, evaporative coolers and fans ... cooling devices such as portable misting fans, misting systems, party fans and custom built patio systems.

We offer Misting Fan & Misting Tent Rentals in the Baltimore, Maryland, Washingtin DC, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

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