Grand Opening & Promotions

Searching Out The Perfect Promotional Ideas

Known as a leader in grand opening & promotional companies, ARS Events provides alternatives to traditional ideas for your next special event. The entire idea behind ARS Events is to allow you an inside view of a new world of products and services. Knowing that, we create a production based on what you are promoting with custom ideas and promotions branded to your products & service. Call us now 410-215-6507

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Grand Opening Equipment Rentals, Advertising, Marketing & Promotions for Special Events, trade shows, convention, festival, company picnic, fair, church event, sporting event, carnival.

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Grand Opening Ideas, Promotions, Goals, Marketing Budget, And More!

A successful grand opening needs to promote excitement and curiosity to new clients. Go big & network with local businesses to form local partnerships that will attract more clients.

Your grand opening plan can involve any number of advertising and promotional strategies. Our rooftop advertising balloons, advertising searchlight rentals, and helium balloons will really dress up you grand opening promotion to attract people.

Our giant grand opening balloons and jumbo character shaped balloons will provide attention to your grand opening, company picnic, school carnival, college party, street fair, church or synagogue event, outdoor festival, neighborhood block party, or any other special event.

Set Your Goals & Create Awareness - The promotion of your grand opening is your first marketing impression. You need to reach your clients with advertisements, coupons, promotions, radio & press coverage along with word-of-mouth to everyone about your company. 

Create excitment with a bang - we offer a arsenal of promotional products to do just that. Call ARS Events 410-215-6507 to help you with your grand opening ideas and promotions.

Creat a memory - with a keepsake photo in our photobooth and your logo. Want the booth branded? We can do it! We can brand many of our products and services to promote your business. Invite friends and family to promote a fun, friendly experiance for you new guests. 

Set a budget & book a date - with ARS Events you can use our interactive Dj Services, giant advertising balloons, Giant ceremonial ribbon cutting scissors, giant ribbon and giant bows to promote your new business grand opening.

Promote your grand opening & promotional event - use facebook, twitter, flyers, radio, newspaper, coupons, sign spinning, & the local press. Make sure you have a promotion or contest to build you mailing list at the event. 

After The Grand Opening & Promotion - send a thank you along with a marketing promotion to all your guests.

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